Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Today's Updates

I'm hungry, damn it. Okay, besides that, I spent a lovely evening at Bead Obsessions making:

My very own beaded spinning wheel oriface hook

I also managed to take a better picture of the red calla lilies at the shop. Patricia had a piece of fabric that was white so we took a nice picture:


Those are the cherry amber red (Toho 2153) and the stem is Toho 37. I shaded 2 of them. On our way home, Amber ran into some car trouble. Fortunately, I had some jumper cables in my trunk and Patricia knew how to use them.


And since my hand has been hurting and I was working on orchid today, I decided to come home and spin and test out the oriface hook. First, the oriface hook fits! So, the bobbin was spinning funny and then I finally looked back at the instructions and realized that I had the bobbin on backwards, so when I flipped it over, it just didn't work. I was spinning this multicolored dyed wool stuff of unknown origin that had vegetable fiber I kept picking out on it. I decided to put that away and start spinning some nice black suri mohair blend I had bought at My Favorite Yarn Shop on the the bead/yarn crawl with Helena earlier this month, which I could've sworn I had blogged about...but I guess not :-( Wowee. Again, what a difference the fiber choice makes while spinning. I have Spinny going fast and this baby is nice!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Your hook works! Thanks for helping me out last night. It would have been very cold sleeping in my car last night...are you bringing your orchid to SLK? If so, let me know if you want me to bring my OTT lite for you.

bethc said...

The lilies look great!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! The hook fits! Last night was fun, battery jumping included! :o)

Svetlana said...

I don't know anything about the spinning hook, but the fact that you guys knew how to use the jumpers IS impressive.
The lilies look awesome!