Friday, January 05, 2007

Current project status

  • I'm working on some calla lilies for Bead Obsessions. I'm bringing the first one over on Sunday and I'm going to make a couple more for an arrangement. The class is on February 10th.


  • Flaming moth is still sitting around since I'm still in Lisa Souza's dye queue.

  • Doceur et Soie moth is being worked on. I hope to present it next Friday and show it off next Thursday night at SLK. This means that it needs to be blocking by Wednesday night. I'm going to be a knitting fiend the next couple of days.

  • Leaf Litter - I'm almost done spinning the first 2 oz. Remember I started this just before Christmas? I've been doing this a little bit at a time at a really thing thread. It will be plied to probably something like light sockweigh after it's been set.

  • I just cast on for Cookie's Monkey sock pattern.

  • And of course, I have lots of other knitting and beading stuff. But hopefully, some pictures to come!

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