Friday, January 25, 2013

FO Friday 1/25/2013

I finished up a couple of things last weekend that I'm really excited to share with you! First was my travel project. It was simple knitting that I could carry around with me and doesn't require much brain power to knit. This was part of the Woolgirl Fairy Tales kit for Peter Pan. The pattern is called "The Cowl That Never Grew Up"

The Cowl That Wouldn't Grow Up

Next up is something I'm really excited about. I wanted to knit a dress for Vogue Knitting Live. It's a knitting convention. It was in New York City! I started with the pattern for Textured Tunic with Side Slits from Stephanie Japel. This is the sweater on the cover of her book Fitted Knits. One morning, I woke up with the idea to lengthen the sweater and make it into a dress.

If there is interest, I can go into details about the modifications I made but to sum it up I:

  • recalculated the pattern to knit this in a DK weight yarn (Lousia Harding Grace wool/silk) instead of the aran the pattern called for.
  • moved the basket stitch section at the chest to the high waist for more of an empire waist look. I looked through the various project pictures in ravelry and really didn't like how it looked as a band across the boobs
  • included waist shaping. The pattern didn't have waist shaping. I liked the shaped look of the sweater on the cover of the book which they pinned.
  • changed the hem/bottom slits so that there is just a slit on my right side rather than slits with buttons on both sides.
  • knitted straight down for the sleeves rather than create a bell sleeve as the pattern called for

VKL Dress

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I'm STILL working on that dress. I had bound off the bottom hem and finished the sleeves and it was done but I really didn't like how the bottom hem was so I sat down yesterday and rippppppped. Now I'm working on knitting it back again. I also have to finish knitting it by tomorrow morning so that I can wash and let it dry while I'm down at Disney World!

I started a new travel project! The pattern is called "The Cowl That Wouldn't Grow Up" and the pattern and yarn are both part of the Woolgirl Fairy Tales kit for Peter Pan. I even got a cute little Peter Pan stitch marker with the kit!

Peter Pan Cowl

Monday, January 07, 2013


Happy New Year!

Over the weekend, I made a day trip to New York City with a couple of friends to see an interactive art installation from the artist Ann Hamilton. It took place at the Park Ave Armory and this past weekend was the last weekend.

There are swings and pulleys and a curtain in the middle that moves up and down. It was fun and brought us back to our childhoods. It was interesting to see the system of pulleys and how each swing worked with the others to move the curtain. It was also interesting to see all of the other people interacting with the entire exhibit.