Friday, November 30, 2007

Lilfe spins out of control

Work's been crazy. People wonder why they haven't seen me? I've been at work. Currently, I'm in NJ. I left work at 3pm this afternoon to get to NJ. I'm here for a friend's wedding reception tomorrow. I sat through traffic in DC. And then I got to sit on the NJ Turnpike for a bit and knit and send emails. I even shut off my car a few times. And finally, after 7 hours, I get to my destination after driving up and down the road looking for the hotel. And as I get my stuff in the room, I look at it and go..."Wasn't there supposed to be a nice dress type thing on a hanger here? Oh F-! It is sitting back in f-ing Virginia on my f-ing couch by the door." The reception starts at 11am tomorrow morning. There is supposedly a target in the vicinity. I guess I will be hitting that at 8am tomorrow.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Mid Thanksgiving break

I finished some socks. Just in time too cuz I'm going to see the recipient for a hockey game tomorrow! Cornell vs. BU at Madison Square Garden. How awesome is that? The arena is going to be all red and white cuz both schools are going to be all red and white. I'm going to see people I normally see once a year. Going to eat some good food, watch a hockey game, hang out with some friends into the night. Gotta love New York! Anyways, it's on my way home.

Back to the socks. Wendy's generic toe up pattern using Colinette Jitterbug. This color way kept making me think of a hot fudge sundae with a cherry.

Reshma's socks

I started out the week in Philly where I ran the half. It was cold, it was raining. Did I mention that it was cold? I still managed to finish in under 3 hours with little to no training the last month from illness and being overstressed at work.

Then I continued on up the east coast to Providence, RI for Thanksgiving. Pulled back into work on my travel day so we're going to have to talk about my days off when I get back about when can I take a day off for real? Two exhausting days working full days and did another 3 hours or so of work Thursday morning before I got busy with the turkey. And after that I pretty much just said "fuck it" to the work. I'm not a miracle worker, even though people think I can just make things happen with a quick motion of my magic wand. No. You're just going to send me to the mental facility THAT MUCH SOONER! My brain keeps seizing up everytime I log back into work. Edited to remove some overly emotional venting

Oh right, food. Sorry to side track into life. It's either bitch and complain here or not post at all due to all the negativity spewing out right now. Turkey turned out well. We get a turkey from Whole Foods every year. It comes all set to go, you just have to pop it into the oven. I made some ham/sausage maple stuffing Wednesday night and some sweet potato gratin. I love the stuffing! The sweet potato gratin didn't really do much for me. Cranberry sauce out of a can. Chinese sticky rice. That is a tradition my mom started way back when...instead of stuffing, we had sticky rice. There were also some green beans.

Pictures of everything can be found here.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Philadelphia Half Marathon

It was supposed to be a full but illness hampered my training and I only did the half. It was cold and it was rainy and it was cold. COLD! Even with my lack of training in the last month, I still managed to finish in under 3 hours. 2:51 and change. Which isn't bad considering this was right around my time from a couple of years ago when I did the Philly Distance Run, also a half marathon and I had actually just done the VA Rock N Roll Half Marathon 2 weeks prior to that and taken 10 minutes off. Ah...the joys of not training.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

African Violets

Or, my interpretation of them:

African Violets

African Violets

Close up of African Violets

December 16, 2007 at Bead Obsessions. It's a beginner level project.