Sunday, August 28, 2011

Milady's Pendant

Last year, I took a class with Cynthia Rutledge. Finally, I'm done.

Milady's Pendant

The pendant itself was mostly completed by the time class was over but I had set it aside for a while.

Milady's Pendant

I pulled it out last week and finished up the bail and made the spacers. The last couple of days, the east coast had been visited by hurricane Irene so I decided that I would hunker down and try to put the necklace together. I spent a lot of time working on the clasp and in fact, this is the second version of the clasp that I made.

Milady's Pendant toggle clasp

Since the necklace itself is actually strung, I originally thought about using a metal clasp but what I had on hand did not do this piece justice. So, I decided to bead it. The first iteration of this clasp also had a beaded bead cap that cupped the end pearls with a loop inside through which I could thread my Softflex. However, the combination of the loop and the crimp bead left the bead cap sitting just a bit apart from the pearl so I put it aside last night and went to bed. This morning, I came up with this iteration.

Milady's Pendant toggle

The toggle and loop are made and I decrease the ends to a loop so they look like a part you would buy at a store. I then strung the same beads onto the Softflex and used that as the connecting loop on my necklace.

I do love this necklace and I must find a way to incorporate this into my wardrobe. It is a beautiful piece and very ornate but by day, I'm a software developer who dresses business casual leaning more casual!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When life gets hard...

I bead. The last time that I really remember taking solace in my beads was when I worked for Raytheon and I helped make some of the flowers for Donna's book. I haven't really touched my knitting much in recent days but I'm zipping through the beads. I picked this up again today.

Milady's Brooch & Pendant Ornament

It's Cynthia Rutledge's Milady's Brooch/Pendant Ornament. I'm opting for the pendant since I don't really use brooches. I took this class when she taught at Bead Obsessions last year and when I put it aside, I was very close to being done. I held off because the dangly bit wasn't quite centered but a year later and looking at it with some tired eyes, it looks fine. I just need to finish off the bail and string it up with those pearls and I can wear it out! I'm looking forward to new jewelry!

Sunday, August 14, 2011






I have new wall art! This is Donna's clematis pattern that was originally for a potted plant but I have adapted it to fit in a frame. There is only so much surface area to place stuff before you have to start going up a wall. A clematis being a climbing vine, it was perfect for this! My trellis is made up of 3 pieces of 16 gauge stem wire that I beaded. There was some fun with a staple gun involved. Every time I fired the staple gun, I hoped that it wouldn't accidentally end up going into a finger or leg.

It's probably just me but I enjoy dimensional art much more than just a flat piece. It appeals to me more. Look at what I create, have you ever seen me paint or draw? It's not pretty. I like the effect of the 3 cut beads on the flowers versus the regular beads on the flowers. It helps the flowers to pop out more.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Getting closer!

Remember all of that greenery? Well, we're getting a little closer!


Donna is back to teaching. Her students are all slowly finding their ways back to the beaded flowers. Life had taken over for a bit but we're all slowly coming back to our old projects. I've even managed to hook up with an old friend that I knew from this group. She lives up in Baltimore and we lost touch when she changed jobs but now her office is a couple of blocks from my house so we're going to try to get together periodically to get stuff done!