Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When life gets hard...

I bead. The last time that I really remember taking solace in my beads was when I worked for Raytheon and I helped make some of the flowers for Donna's book. I haven't really touched my knitting much in recent days but I'm zipping through the beads. I picked this up again today.

Milady's Brooch & Pendant Ornament

It's Cynthia Rutledge's Milady's Brooch/Pendant Ornament. I'm opting for the pendant since I don't really use brooches. I took this class when she taught at Bead Obsessions last year and when I put it aside, I was very close to being done. I held off because the dangly bit wasn't quite centered but a year later and looking at it with some tired eyes, it looks fine. I just need to finish off the bail and string it up with those pearls and I can wear it out! I'm looking forward to new jewelry!

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