Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Juggernaut Bag

Not bead, not knitting but sewing.

Way back when I had made a bag using a hex frame based on the u-handbag hex frame bag tutorial. I wasn't very happy with its dimensions or some of its construction. I ended up pulling the hex frame out for future use. Well, the future is now.

Juggernaut bag

This is the story of the juggernaut bag and how the tshirt came to be. Going into the ECAC tourny weekend, the USCHO writer was picking his games for the weekend described us as The Big Red are the dream-crushers, they play in games that end streaks and crush passion. They are the soul-devouring juggernauts of the league, because they are so systematically thorough in every aspect of the game that they will completely suck every ounce of energy out of your lineup.. Well, that became the talk of elynah and we kept joking about wouldn't it be great if there was a t shirt?

ECAC tournament weekend comes and goes. We win the Whitelaw (yay!) and Barry Melrose, in the selection show, picks us to go to the finals to face Miami who is facing their own road of hardship. Miami's equipment manager (and son of Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke) was killed in an auto accident this year. So again, we joke, "but doesn't he know that we are the dream crushers and soul devouring Big Red? The writer gave his permission to have his words put onto a tshirt (in return for a hoodie) and the design began. Within a day, there were more than 100 posts in the tshirt design thread and the local Ithaca tshirt printers (PSP) had jumped in and started coordinating with the campus store for sale and distribution. And then we had the tshirt for sale.

I bought two. One to wear, one to turn into a bag
Juggernaut bag

I stuck the hex frame in and stuck some feet on the bottom. It's lined with a scarlet red taffeta. The cotton knit is stretchy so I wanted something non stretchy on the inside. The bag is all set for Detroit.

Sadly, we lost our first game at regionals. The irony of this shirt was not lost on us. They could crush dreams and devour souls. We never specified whose dreams or souls that would be.

Monday, April 05, 2010

color changes

And yeah, I needed to get rid of the background color, cuz it was annoying me and hurting my eyes.

I need some color!

The black purse will look good but I'm really in need of something that is not a shade of black. So...

Embroidered Cuff Bracelet

Embroidered Cuff Bracelet

And now to do some sewing...