Monday, February 27, 2006

On the beading front...

Bead Obsessions Gerbera
I've been working on some jewelry but the only finished objects I have are flowers. I'm still on the gerbera daisy kick and this one I made as the demo piece for Bead Obsessions. The pattern itself is more intermediate due to the larger size of the crossovers in the petals and the lacing. My friend Jean, whom I use as a guinea pig for these things, told me at one point that she'd been swearing at me for all the lacing. And then she asked me, "Do I really have to lace the calyx?" Well, after I walked her through the assembly, she was converted!

So, I'm still working through this pattern but it's almost there. I am scheduled to teach this as an advanced beginner class at Bead Obsessions in June.

Gerberas fall into my category of "happy flowers" along with the sunflower. I LOVE SUNFLOWERS!

On the knitting front

I'm making some progress on both Tubey and Anglina. I'm limited to half a row at a time on Angelina and then Tubey with its larger needles gives my hands something different to try.

Knitty came out with their winter surprise and I'm thinking I may try Starsky after I've finished with Tubey as my next large needle project. I think I'm already loaded up on small needle projects for the year.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

I knit again!

I'm taking it easy and knitting along bit by bit. It's exciting! I'll knit a few stitches and rest. Knit a few stitches and rest.

I'm seeing all these knit alongs...I'm thinking of maybe doing a pattern bead along...I should do my taxes soon, like before the month of March. See what I come up with.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

i'm weak

This morning, I knit a row of Tubey. I'm supposed to be on knitting probation through Friday. But I am weak I tell you! Weak! I spent last night taking pictures for gerbera assembly. Not enough. want to be able to pick up the needles and alternate knit a couple of rows, bead a little.

I did go try out Pure Prana today. It's a yoga studio over in Old Town and they do have some vinyasa classes. Yay! I feel great. We'll see how my arms feel tomorrow as my forearms feel a bit stretched than they should be.

Why is it that there are certain pieces of music that people like to create programs to? I mean, some have become classics but you do need a certain amount of skill to pull it off. Otherwise, you just suck!

Friday, February 17, 2006


I finally faced the facts today. I must pull out of the Knitty Olympics. My left arm had been bothering me a bit since last week and the Tubey cramming. Monday, I over did it at the SnB. Now, I knit a few stitches and I hurt. For my own physical health, and use of my hands in the future to knit and bead, I am putting myself on a "no knitting" probation for a week. Situation to be evaluated in a week.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Olympic Progress

Some musings as I watch the Olympics
  • No one, male or female, should ever wear grape purple pants. Horrors of the 80s. (Men's skating competition)
  • No one shoud wear tiger print either. Especially if it's one color on the front and another color on the back. (More men's skating)
  • I must switch between Angelina and Tubey. The larger needles of Tubey are good for me.
  • I like the Swiss men's hockey team. It was awesome watching them beat the Czech Republic today. I don't like Jagr. I like the Swiss underdogs. I also like the German underdogs. Poor Italians....
  • mmmmmm.... - The pattern looks great and the color...WOW! I love that color!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Spring time and flowers

I am actually working on the gerbera daisy pattern. I've got 3 that are done and a couple in progress. A few people have actually seen these and 1 even has a rough copy of the pattern. She's my official editor and guinea pig. It is also in the works that this will be taught at Bead Obsessions sometime in the April - June period.

The parts over all are simple. It just pushes you a bit if you're a newbie. Check back for more news on the gerbera!

My hand hurts from too much knitting :(

Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympics - Knitting on!

I've accomplished my goal for the day. I've made it to the sleeve increases tonight at the SnB! Whoo hoo!
Goal for tomorrow is finish the increases and start in on the even rows of knitting.

I also came up with a plan for both the Olympics and the training for the races. I'll get up early, go to the gym. Then, I come home, shower, and I'll still have 30-60 minutes before I have to leave. Since I've already gone to the gym for the day, I don't have to try to get home early, or go to the gym after work, so I can metro to work...more knitting time. Okay, so I have problems getting up early to go to the gym...

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The flame has been lit.

Originally uploaded by jyiu7.

A few of us got together Friday night and watched the opening ceremonies. I cast on took a couple of tries. This photo is at 4.5 inches. At 7 inches, I can start on the sleeves. Yay! There may be hope for finishing before the flame goes out.
I knit a couple of rows, rest a few minutes. Knit a couple of more rows, rest a few minutes.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Not the best start

I left work early because my back had been bothering me so much, I could barely type with my left hand. Boo! So I came home and laid on my heating pad for 2 hours...and it relaxed me enough to do some swatching.
Maybe I run off to Bailey's to the AC Moore to see if they have any ball winders...before I start in on the rest of the bottle of wine. I think I may have to finish it off to get to sleep tonight to keep the back pain away.
The heating pad is coming to work with me tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

In preparation for the Olympics...

Well, I spent another few hours at Bead Obsessions tonight and made a wire heart necklace. It's quite pretty, if I do say so myself. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow or something. It's late and I'd rather be sleeping.
And when I got home, what did I find? A priority mail box and inside, was yarn and pattern for the Angelina Vintage Jacket. Tomorrow night, I swatch...and then I think I will be good to go for Friday. Friday night, I shall first be hitting Bead Obesssions with my floral necklace to meet the bead artist who made that purple flower at Bead and Chocolate night. After that, I shall be heading over to a fellow SnBer's place to cast on for the Knitting Olympics.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Beaded Floral Necklace

Beaded Floral Necklace
Originally uploaded by jyiu7.

On Wednesday, I walked into Bead obsessions, remembered the Trunk Show, and then refused to leave the store without that purple flower you see on the necklace. I was also inspired to play with the spiral rope beading technique...and this was the result. Pretty isn't it? Spring is here!

Chantress - finally a picture

Originally uploaded by jyiu7.

It's been a long time coming. I've had Chantress doen for a month, and finally, I've got a picture of this. I'm really happy with it and I think I need to take a better picture. This really doesn't do it justice. It didn't take the full half kilo of beads. I had some..."fun"...with the purse frame. The handle is made using the spiral rope technique. Would I do this again, yeah...I would.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Knitting Olympics...

So, I was crazy enough to join the Knitting Olympics. I am planning on making the Angelina jacket. I'm just hoping that the materials get to me by next week. I had emailed the woman once and she never answered. Boo!