Friday, December 30, 2005

Year end is fast approaching!

How is it that I come upon the end of the year and I still feel as if I've got lots to do? I'm mostly finished with knitting projects for now and I need a break anyways after the presents. I have 1 more scarf to finish and then work on Hopeful. I'd love to get started on Lady Eleanor from Scarf Styles...this would be after I find me some money and some cheap Noro. I dunno, does cheap Noro exist?
On the beading front, I still owe 3 people beady presents, two patterns to finish up with a hard deadline on one of them...and lots of my own projects and houseplants I want to make. I also picked up the latest copy of Beadwork where there was a slight focus on Swarovski crystals and some patterns that look awesome and I want to make jewelry! On top of that, dad's here and we're shopping and eating and all I want to do is sleep!
So, I think thoughts for next year...I will only start buying materials for the next project once I know I have projects coming off the needles. Beads...well, heck, let's see if I can make money off of any of it and in the mean time, I've got enough on the "To do/wishlist".
Pictures up coming.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Chantress saga...continued

So, I tend to get brilliant thoughts either in the bathroom, or in that semi awake period while in bed. This morning, it was in bed. With French beaded flowers, I learned to lace from the center out because it keeps the petal shape even. When I'm being really careful, I will actually go back and forth on each side and work my way out. So why not do that with Chantress? So this morning, I cut myself a piece of thread and started working out from the center of one side of the frame, left side, right side...and have the piece stretched out over the frame. Yippee! So one side is attached. I did make a stupid little I was cutting the thread at the end, I'd accidentally nipped one of the fringes at the I just pulled the beads out of that fringe and knotted it. Something like that is stupid, careless, and heck, I'd rather have the knot than remake this entire thing.

Chantress frustration

So, tonight, I decided that while watching the Harvard/Dartmouth game, I would put Chantress together. I cut the fabric, sewed it together and seamed my bag. Then, I went to attach the frame. So, a while back I got the 5 inch frame and thought it was too small so I went and bought a 5.2 inch frame. Well, turns out the 5 inch frame would've been just right. Urg! And now, the 5 inch frame I originally bought wouldn't work either. Doubld urg! What is a girl to do?
I found a 5 inch frame that looks like the style would fit and the price is right. It's from this lovely store called M&J Trim and I had happened to wander into it this summer while in New York. Now, I will be up in New York in a couple of weeks...the question is...should I buy it now and pay the $5.95 in shipping? Or should I wait two weeks and pay the $4 for NY sales tax???
And dad's scarf is finished....just in time!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

A cold and dreary night

And I think I've got about 4 more rows of my dad's scarf to do. My left wrist is starting to get ouchy... so I think I'm going to go take a shower, put on my wrist brace and finish this baby up. Tomorrow, I can weave in the ends and give it a quick wash!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Productive Weekend

Scroll down, you'll see a poinsettia and a shawl. Unfortunately, I was a little bit too obsessive compulsive about finishing the karabella shawl...and so my arms are getting a mandatory rest period today. I may even have to bring my wrist braces to work tomorrow. So then I switched the the beads...and it was still aggravating my forearm just have to be careful.


Originally uploaded by jyiu7.

I've finished the poinsettia for Ms. Dorrie. This will get packed up and get sent out tomorrow. The pattern is based on Virginia Nathanson's patter for the red petals. The centers were my own creation, and you can see the trial and error in what I had done different between the larger cluster and the smaller. Then I added some holly and berries as filler at the bottom. I hadn't expected to do this much but one needs greenery to complete the arrangmenet!

Poinsettia - the larger cluster close up

Poinsettia - the smaller cluster close up

Karabella Ruffle Shawl - blocking!

Originally uploaded by jyiu7.

I finished up the shawl last night and it is now blocking in the that was the largest expanse of carpet upstairs that I could find. Exciting! Exciting! I'm hoping that because it is a mohair blend and really thin that it dries quickly and I can bring it to the SnB tomorrow night.

Some specs:
Pattern: Karabella Ruffled Gassamer Shawl, Pattern # KK420
Yarn: 3 skeins of Rowan Kidsilk Haze (used nearly all of it, not enough extra for a gauge swatch if I had chosen to do that)
Needles: Size 11 Addis
Other: size 11 Toho beads

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Christmas Flower

Originally uploaded by jyiu7.
Poinsettias...I'm making one for Dorrie so she can give it away as a Christmas present.

I started with Virginia Nathanson's patterns for the red leaves. Then I made my own version of the centers. Did you know that the centers in poinsettias are really the flowers? The things I learn from beaded flowers...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I have a new computer. And I'm so thankful I uploaded a working copy of my miniature rose pattern to my friend's server...because I don't think I can boot the compaq anymore.

On other fronts...I took the spiral rope class at Bead Obsessions last night. It was a first foray into needle work and I survived! I hope to have Chantress done soon so I can put the spiral rope on as a handle.

Karabella ruffle shawl...2 more rows...2 more rows...

I started Ruffles from "Scarf Styles".

Dad's scarf is on hold.

Work's been hectic and you could say that I've otherwise been depressed at home due to the lack of a functional computer. But I'm back!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Geek in Girl's Clothing Part 2

So, here are those pictures I promised.
First, I removed the battery (lower left) and the harddrive (to the right of the battery), memory (just above), and the pci board (upper right).

Next, flip it over and remove the keyboard.

Then, the display is disconncted and removed.

And the top cover is removed

Removed the video card and underneath it lay the Intel centrino...Of course, it had to get its own close up.

and here we've zoomed out and you can see the video card in the lower right hand corner.

And when I put it back together, it still worked...sort of. Turned out that the display is dying. I had my monitor plugged in and had managed to boot it up. As I was IM-ing, the display started to go but the monitor was fine...and the verdict's the display, time for a new computer.
I've still got this old Pentium III 6oo mHz computer with its 382 megs of ram from the college days. But it is slow and in terms of computers, it's ancient.

So sorry if I don't blog much. I'm a little depressed that I'm lacking in a more up to date computer. But I am busy working on some scarves so hopefully, I start getting some finished products soon.
I've decided to that I'm going to take apart kepler and re knit the body. I'll have to take a picture of it first.

Also, IT'S OFFICIAL! I'm on schedule to teach my flowers at Bead Obsessions!
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Work In Progress 3

Ya. I'm a busy girl. This is supposed to be Ruffles from the Scarves Style book. I think the gauge is a bit loose on the 11s so I'm going to have to swap down, maybe to 10s. And get shorter needles.Posted by Picasa

Work In Progress 2

this is something, not just a blob. It's that Karabella ruffle shawl...yeah, you can't tell right now. I'm working on the ruffles so it's gathered on the side. Posted by Picasa

Work In Progress 1

sead stitch border, basketweave body. Waiting to be finishedPosted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Geek in girl's clothing

My computer...not happy. There is something wrong either with the video card or the display. So what did I do? I took the laptop apart and put it back together. Pictures forthcoming. At least I was finally able to boot windows and upload some files I need in the next month to a friend's server.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I think I was supposed to post some pictures. Oops!
I ran around the house looking for the needles I was making Kepler in...they were mixed in with another project. So I didn't get a chance to work on the collar. No finished picture.
Currently in the lovely (but small) state of Rhode Island. Relaxing over the long weekend. I'm going to wander down to the yarn store in a bit and knit and look for some patterns. Tomorrow, I cook.
The ruffled shawl is coming along. I'm about a third of the way through the straight section. I'm pretty sure that I'll have the main body part done before I get home on Saturday. Then I just need so string up some beads and start knitting the ruffles.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

More I read, more I want to knit

After last night's game (grrrr...) I decided to work through my backlog on Tivo. I watched some Knitty Gritty's season 3. What did I find? Lingerie! Whoo! I am loving these designs. Not only is there lingerie, but there are cardigans and jackets. Throw back to a more ruffly and feminine time.
White Lies Designs
I also decided that perhaps it was time to be starting a Christmas wishlist for anyone who asks.
I'll get to that by the time Thanksgiving is over.
The rest of the projects...
- Kepler - I've got it seamed..finally! I need to sew in the ends and do the applied I-cord on the neck edge and then I'm done! I love love love the material. It's a mix of merino wool, microfiber, and a little bit of cashmere. Oh so soft! I'm going to try to put a picture of this up tomorrow if it's finished, else by the end of the week.
- Ruffled shawl - I'm onto the straight 36" section. I'm actually hoping that I can finish this shawl by the end of thanksgiving, at the very least, the main portion of it. It's okay if I still have the ruffles remaining by the time I get back.
- Hopeful - In about another 10 rows, I'm going to have to do some more math! Yeah, I know I'm supposed to do ALL my math before I start knitting. I'm still learning to deal with patience.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

What am I watching?

Well, I spent last night watching the end of A&E's presentation of Pride and Prejudice. This is the version with Colin Firth...mmm...gotta watch this at least once a year. This was in anticipation of the new version of P&P that's out in theaters this week. I dunno, the guy playing Mr. Darcy...not as good looking as Colin Firth.
I also want to go catch the new Harry Potter.
TV...I am SO addicted to the Fox show Reunion. I love the concept behind it and I'm curious to know if they plan on doing a second season and if they do you do something like that? This is more like a drawn out mini series.

What's on my needles? Hopeful and the Karabella ruffle shawl. I really like it. Beading...still writing right now. Getting stuff together for next week's holiday travel.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

New projects, old projects

I was at Stitch DC Georgetown on Monday and found my next project - This isn't for me.... I stopped by Bead Obsessions after work today to pick up some size 8 beads. I want to knit that into the ruffles.
Kepler is still blocking. I'll probably finish it up this weekend.
Flowers - patterns patterns patterns. I need to make a poinsettia for Dorrie and eventually, another surprise project for her.
Right now, so sleepy.
I did pick up Madonna's new cd today - Confessions on a Dance Floor.

Monday, November 14, 2005

This and That

  • Bulleted because it's some random things
  • I started working on's coming along. I spent last night with a spreadsheet and a tape measurer trying to get my measurements and convert them to the knit pattern. I have begun and I am now on row 15. Debbie Bliss Wool Cotton in pale pink.
  • I spent lunchtime at Stitch DC Georgetown and bought a lovely pattern for a shawl along with some lovely yarn for it. This is going to be a Christmas present.
  • I also decided that my dear father is going to get a scarf. Another Christmas present
  • I realized how quickly Thanksgiving was approaching so I must travel, so I must find stuff to keep busy with in travel and during the much needed break.
  • I ordered some books from Amazon. The Elizabeth Zimmerman portion of the order arrived today.
  • So much crafting to do before Christmas! Ack!
  • The purse frame I ordered is on back order. I'm not getting it until after Thanksgiving :(
  • Kepler is still blocking.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Kepler is blocking!

It is blocking in the darkest room in the house. I ended up going out to buy thos pins you see stuck in the sleeves. Straight pins are hard on the fingers and you might miss one. With the flags, at least you can see them. So, this is exciting! I ended up lengthing both the body and the sleeves so we'll see how this comes out.
I guess I'm at that point now where I'm between projects. I could take up Hopeful again. Or maybe I could work on some Christmas presents for the family like scarves or shawls or something... In search of a pretty, but simple, shawl pattern I think...

Right, and we beat Harvard on Friday. Yay! And the game against Dartmouth last in a string of tough losses at Thompson and I'd rather pretend it didn't happen.Posted by Picasa

Friday, November 11, 2005

Fish & Fowl 05-06 - part 1

Cornell vs Harvard at Lynah East...aka the Bright Athletic Center. Let's go Red! I wish I were in Cambridge tonight making the Harvard/Dartmouth trip. But no. I wasn't able to get tickets because the tickets were gone by the time I found out they were on sale. So instead tonight, I'm going to sit at home, listen to the game, and work on the instructions for the little mini roses.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Something wrong?

So...the purse frame that I ordered from Lacis. It looked really nice...until I compared it to my purse...


The frame looks like it's a little small...I dunno...

So this picture makes the bag a little squishy. I know that when I first started knitting, I tended to knit way bigger than what gauge called for...could that be what's happening here?

Still...the other problem would be that I'm expecting lots of little holes to sew through but there aren't any here! Instead, there are two other metal pieces (not in the picture here) that screw into the few holes around the edge. I am NOT cutting holes in my purse. Had I known the frame was coming like this, I would've started out making eyelet holes when I began. Since I'm not sure about the whole size thing for a 5" frame, I think I'm going to look for a 5.5" frame...sigh...back to the drawing board! I was hoping to have a completed bag by the end of this weekend. Now, I may have everything but the frame. I guess I could experiment with an i-cord handle.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chantress Progress

Sorry if the lighting and color look a little off. I wasn't exactly going for picture quality here. So this is where I am with Chantress. Size 11/0 ruby AB from Shipwreck on a charcoal grey size 8 pearl cotton. One side is finished, down to the fringe and I'm now part way back up the second side. I've already purchased the lining and the purse frame is in the mail. Arlington Stitch N' Bitch tomorrow night so I can keep working. Hopefully, my next weekend's project will be finishing up the knitted portion of this. Oy. My hands hurt.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Searching for a goal, searching for a purpose, and yet, so
So during packet pick up for the Marine Corps Marathon 8K, I was inspired by those around me to run the full. The seed was planted. I think I'm going to do it.
I did the 8K last week and even though I was dehydrated and starving when I began, I still managed to run 13 minute miles. Tomorrow I do the Veteran's Day 10K.
The time line right now is that if I can keep up with the workouts over the winter, I should be ready for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler the first weekend of April which will be a warm up for Broad Street Run (another 10 miles) at the beginning of May. This will continue on to next October and the Marine Corps Marathon. Here's hoping that I get in to all 3 races!

Crafting...Kepler is coming along. I am currently blocking the front piece. The back is now beyond the arm hole shaping so I'm almost done. I'm hoping to be able to finish with the back before the weekend is through.
Chantress is also coming along. Last weekend, I rounded the bottom so now I'm working my way back up. I haven't done much this week due to some problems at work which left me exhausted. I'm also running out of thread for Chantress so I'm really going to have to get more before I proceed.
Beading, I'm still working out patterns. I may be beaded out for a while. I don't know. We'll have to see. I feel as if I'm on a mission to finish up some of these knitted projects. Knitting and beading, it comes and goes. I'll be obsessed with one or the other.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

2+hanks of beads strung up.

Saturday evening was spent spinning this up and starting in on the fringe row...that was horrendous. Sunday afternoon was spent on the fringe row and the row afterwards. That too was horrendous. But I just had to sit down and force myself to do it. I've now rounded the corner and am working my way back up again. I found out Monday night that I accidentally added two ridges of beads to this bag. Oh well. At least it was consistent and it's just a bag.
And those are my lovely toes at the bottom. Got myself a really nice pedicure at Sugarhouse. That's my favorite color - OPI I'm not really a waitress. I always managed to pick that one. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 27, 2005

New Arrangement, New Pattern

Mini Roses. A couple of years ago, I started on Moss Roses from Bead Design by Ruth Wasley and Edith Harris. The pattern has been adjusted and changed so that it has now become my own. I'd wanted to develop a beginner type pattern and this became it. This will (hopefully) be on display at a new local bead store and I'm really hoping that leads to more opportunities for me.

As you can see, there's lots of greenery here. I never liked making greenery but I have found that it does help to complete the arrangement. I also tried to demonstrate how different beads can look. So what do we have here? A total of 24 stems, 6 per color.
  • 11/0 Pearl Eggshell (Studio Baboo) with a 11/0 medium green (Shipwreck 11SB282)
  • 9/0 3 cut in light topaz (Shipwreck 9SC354-T) with 9/0 3 cut dark green (Margola)
  • 11/0 Miyuki in purple #356-E with 11/0 Miyuki green #729
  • 11/0 Toho silver lined pink #2113 with Toho magenta lined olive #2204

Monday, October 24, 2005

More knitting, beading, running

The running -
Just signed myself up for the Veteran's Day 10K. This is to prevent myself from crashing after this weekend's Marine Corps 8K.
The knitting -
Kepler is coming along. Was at the Stitch N' Bitch tonight and made it to the armholes. It's exciting! I think this means another couple of hours and I'll be done with the front!
I'd also brought Chantress with me but I'd run low on beads and didn't have enough to complete another side. I've currently got somewhere close to 2.5 hanks on that bag...another 10 hanks or so of beads to go.
The beading -
The gerbera daisy pattern is on hold. I'm working on a little side project which will hopefully bode well for my future in beaded flowers. Yes, I do aspire to be on of the "grand dames" one day. So many beads, so little time.

Yesterday was the DC Knit Out and Crochet. I was at the tent teaching some people to knit. I'd brought along Chantress for the down time and got many comments on her. Most people were just amazed by it. I tell ya! I love beads!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Starting Chantress

On the needle.

Close up on the needle.

size comparison
Wowee! Size 0000 needles, I didn't quite realize. My hands felt big and clumsy when I first started and boy, this is smaller than I'd thought. So can see the beginning and I added in the picture with my thumb to give you and idea of the size of this and what exacly I'm working with! Those are Shipwreck size 11/0 ruby A/B beads. Same beads as I used for the ginger. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Toho 2204

I found these beads at a new bead store in Old Town. I was intrigued. Olive lined with purple. Toho beads #2204. I was so intrigued I bought them and while I was at the Caps game, I realized that they may make some really interesting sunflower sepals. So, if you click on the picture, it enlarges to full size and you can see the purple lined in the loose beads. But if you look at the sepal that I made using purple wire, you can't really see the lining...that's a little disappointing.Posted by Picasa

Cheryl's callas!

Cheryl is someone from the yahoo beaded flowers group and I met her a couple of weeks ago in Charlottesville. She had bought my calla pattern and made a couple. I really like the pink one! I am also so excited to see that yes, people managed to understand my instructions and that it can be interpretted and recreated by someone else.
It is a relaxing Saturday night as I am watching some hockey and working on Kepler. I bought another ball of yarn at A.C. Moore today so I'm set for the week. I also found a great vase for my sunflower and bells of ireland arrangement for the dining room so hopefully, that will motivate me to make another couple of sunflowers and another couple of bells of ireland. The sunflowers will be quick. These will be #14 and #15 of the sunflowers I've made in the past year...and only the 2nd and 3rd I've kept for myself. I'm thinking of one in yellow and one in a shaded topaz. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kepler progress

I've finished both the waist bands and the wrists. Now it's time for the stockinette stitch body and sleeves and they seem to be going pretty quickly. I had to do some recalculation as I made this band wider than it was supposed to be since I couldn't stand the thought of stopping int he middle of a pattern repeat. I also wanted this a little longer than the pattern was designed for. I prefer to have my clothing end at my hips, not above.Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Beaded Knitted Bags

I think the title of this post says enough of my latest craze. I love beads (see beaded flowers below). I do really enjoy knitting (see knitted wear below). I love bags (see my closet). And yesterday, I came across beaded knitted bags. They come premade but really expensive. They come in kits...but why am I buying more beads when I probably have a bead stash bigger than most of the bead stores in the DC metro area? But all the sites kept pointing to one...Barb's Beaded Bags. Go check it out. The bags are beautiful. I need to find a way to work the bags into my daily use. Hopefully, I'll receive my first pattern next week. I ordered Chantress. She's sexy and a little seductive. Oui?
In the mean time, I've decided that my next insanity beading project may be a potted cymbidium plant. Make the flowers, put them on stalks, make some leaves. learn to do some sculptural peoyte stitch to bead around some styrafoam balls to make the pseudobulbs. The last insanity beading project was the daisy topiary. At least the cymbidium moves quickly...So I say right now.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Ginger, Parrot's Beak

Ginger: Ruby AB (Shipwreck)
Parrot's Beak:
  • Orange Lined Yellow (York)
  • Peach Lined Crystal (Margola)
  • Light Peach Lined Crystal (Margola)
  • Yellow (Shipwreck)
  • Green - peridot? (Shipwreck) Posted by Picasa


Anthurium made using all size 11/0 Czech beads.
  • Jet Lined Black from York
  • Ruby (Shipwreck)
  • Garnet (Shipwreck)
  • Pale Yellow satin maybe (Shipwreck)
  • Eggshell (Studio Baboo) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 09, 2005

No, I can't wear it

No, I can't wear it. It's a hand bag from a woman with a weird sense of humor. It is quite fitting for my collection of handbags and strange fascination with corsets and such things. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

hockey! hockey! hockey!

The NHL is BACK! Opening night has all 30 teams facing off and I am enjoying NHL Center Ice. When one game ends, I move onto the next channel. Add to that, the Caps won and the Flyers lost.
This weekend is the flower semiar. I am SO excited. I've been drooling over those flowers for a week. I've got enough parts to make 2 gingers. The scary thing is that my bag with the beads will probably be bigger and heavier than my bag with the clothes.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I need to blog

I went down to Charlottesville over the weekend to preview the flower seminar. Donna has out did her self once again. I'll have a picture of her arrangement after the weekend when I've gone for my 3 days of beading madness. Can't wait! Can't wait! Can't wait!
I'm getting inspired to run again...after my 2 week layoff and the horrendous morning at the gym.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm happy with this one

A head on picture of the gerbera. Posted by Picasa

A side view picture of the gerbera. Techniques include beehive, continuous loops, crossover loops, basic, split triple basic. My goal is actually to include instructions for leaves to go along with the flower. I like leaves. Greenery makes the arrangement so much fuller, even if it's just a single stem in a vase.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Gerbera Daisies

I've always liked gerbera daisies. Strangley, there aren't many patterns out there for them. So what did I do? Of course, I tried to make my own. Other than the petals being a little too big and this one turning out huge, the gerbera passed muster with my friend Jean who I bead with, tests out these patterns and teaches me about plants.

So, ignoring my messy work's kinda big. I may end up with a pattern variation for anyone who wants a table decoration.