Friday, December 02, 2005

Geek in Girl's Clothing Part 2

So, here are those pictures I promised.
First, I removed the battery (lower left) and the harddrive (to the right of the battery), memory (just above), and the pci board (upper right).

Next, flip it over and remove the keyboard.

Then, the display is disconncted and removed.

And the top cover is removed

Removed the video card and underneath it lay the Intel centrino...Of course, it had to get its own close up.

and here we've zoomed out and you can see the video card in the lower right hand corner.

And when I put it back together, it still worked...sort of. Turned out that the display is dying. I had my monitor plugged in and had managed to boot it up. As I was IM-ing, the display started to go but the monitor was fine...and the verdict's the display, time for a new computer.
I've still got this old Pentium III 6oo mHz computer with its 382 megs of ram from the college days. But it is slow and in terms of computers, it's ancient.

So sorry if I don't blog much. I'm a little depressed that I'm lacking in a more up to date computer. But I am busy working on some scarves so hopefully, I start getting some finished products soon.
I've decided to that I'm going to take apart kepler and re knit the body. I'll have to take a picture of it first.

Also, IT'S OFFICIAL! I'm on schedule to teach my flowers at Bead Obsessions!
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