Friday, December 30, 2005

Year end is fast approaching!

How is it that I come upon the end of the year and I still feel as if I've got lots to do? I'm mostly finished with knitting projects for now and I need a break anyways after the presents. I have 1 more scarf to finish and then work on Hopeful. I'd love to get started on Lady Eleanor from Scarf Styles...this would be after I find me some money and some cheap Noro. I dunno, does cheap Noro exist?
On the beading front, I still owe 3 people beady presents, two patterns to finish up with a hard deadline on one of them...and lots of my own projects and houseplants I want to make. I also picked up the latest copy of Beadwork where there was a slight focus on Swarovski crystals and some patterns that look awesome and I want to make jewelry! On top of that, dad's here and we're shopping and eating and all I want to do is sleep!
So, I think thoughts for next year...I will only start buying materials for the next project once I know I have projects coming off the needles. Beads...well, heck, let's see if I can make money off of any of it and in the mean time, I've got enough on the "To do/wishlist".
Pictures up coming.

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