Saturday, December 17, 2005

Chantress frustration

So, tonight, I decided that while watching the Harvard/Dartmouth game, I would put Chantress together. I cut the fabric, sewed it together and seamed my bag. Then, I went to attach the frame. So, a while back I got the 5 inch frame and thought it was too small so I went and bought a 5.2 inch frame. Well, turns out the 5 inch frame would've been just right. Urg! And now, the 5 inch frame I originally bought wouldn't work either. Doubld urg! What is a girl to do?
I found a 5 inch frame that looks like the style would fit and the price is right. It's from this lovely store called M&J Trim and I had happened to wander into it this summer while in New York. Now, I will be up in New York in a couple of weeks...the question is...should I buy it now and pay the $5.95 in shipping? Or should I wait two weeks and pay the $4 for NY sales tax???
And dad's scarf is finished....just in time!

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