Saturday, December 17, 2005

Chantress saga...continued

So, I tend to get brilliant thoughts either in the bathroom, or in that semi awake period while in bed. This morning, it was in bed. With French beaded flowers, I learned to lace from the center out because it keeps the petal shape even. When I'm being really careful, I will actually go back and forth on each side and work my way out. So why not do that with Chantress? So this morning, I cut myself a piece of thread and started working out from the center of one side of the frame, left side, right side...and have the piece stretched out over the frame. Yippee! So one side is attached. I did make a stupid little I was cutting the thread at the end, I'd accidentally nipped one of the fringes at the I just pulled the beads out of that fringe and knotted it. Something like that is stupid, careless, and heck, I'd rather have the knot than remake this entire thing.

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