Sunday, November 06, 2005

Chantress Progress

Sorry if the lighting and color look a little off. I wasn't exactly going for picture quality here. So this is where I am with Chantress. Size 11/0 ruby AB from Shipwreck on a charcoal grey size 8 pearl cotton. One side is finished, down to the fringe and I'm now part way back up the second side. I've already purchased the lining and the purse frame is in the mail. Arlington Stitch N' Bitch tomorrow night so I can keep working. Hopefully, my next weekend's project will be finishing up the knitted portion of this. Oy. My hands hurt.Posted by Picasa

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crymson said...

geeze that must weigh a ton while you're knitting it with all those beads! how many hanks have you gone thru so far?
I love your work both the knitting and the beaded flowers.