Monday, October 24, 2005

More knitting, beading, running

The running -
Just signed myself up for the Veteran's Day 10K. This is to prevent myself from crashing after this weekend's Marine Corps 8K.
The knitting -
Kepler is coming along. Was at the Stitch N' Bitch tonight and made it to the armholes. It's exciting! I think this means another couple of hours and I'll be done with the front!
I'd also brought Chantress with me but I'd run low on beads and didn't have enough to complete another side. I've currently got somewhere close to 2.5 hanks on that bag...another 10 hanks or so of beads to go.
The beading -
The gerbera daisy pattern is on hold. I'm working on a little side project which will hopefully bode well for my future in beaded flowers. Yes, I do aspire to be on of the "grand dames" one day. So many beads, so little time.

Yesterday was the DC Knit Out and Crochet. I was at the tent teaching some people to knit. I'd brought along Chantress for the down time and got many comments on her. Most people were just amazed by it. I tell ya! I love beads!

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