Friday, November 30, 2007

Lilfe spins out of control

Work's been crazy. People wonder why they haven't seen me? I've been at work. Currently, I'm in NJ. I left work at 3pm this afternoon to get to NJ. I'm here for a friend's wedding reception tomorrow. I sat through traffic in DC. And then I got to sit on the NJ Turnpike for a bit and knit and send emails. I even shut off my car a few times. And finally, after 7 hours, I get to my destination after driving up and down the road looking for the hotel. And as I get my stuff in the room, I look at it and go..."Wasn't there supposed to be a nice dress type thing on a hanger here? Oh F-! It is sitting back in f-ing Virginia on my f-ing couch by the door." The reception starts at 11am tomorrow morning. There is supposedly a target in the vicinity. I guess I will be hitting that at 8am tomorrow.


mazhalai said...

just a {hug}

rawedges said...

95 north is brutal on Fridays.

Amber said...

Eesh! I hope you found something nice at target.