Sunday, December 02, 2007

8am at Target

It seems that 8am at Target in Parsippany, NJ is very similar to 8am at Target in Alexandria, VA. You have 10-20 cars with people sitting in them waiting for the Target to open. Yes, I have sat at Target here at home waiting for them to open. The one at Potamac Yards, that area gets crazy if you go on a weekend so you might as well go early when everyone else is still asleep! Well, I was successful. I found a $40 dress that fit me perfectly and is a muted purple/grey color with lace and lining. I think I'll wear it to my other friend's reception next summer as well. I also found some jewelry to match as well and what was going through my head was, "These look great but 1. They could be of so much better quality if I made them myself! 2. I must stop and examine this style of necklace so I can recreate it. 3. The quality really would be much better if I just made it myself! 4. Why do I travel and not bring my own jewelry supply???"

I spent last night in Brooklyn with a friend. We went to Hill Country for more BBQ cuz we were both craving it. I had about a pound of meat consisting of prime rib (don't get the end cut), moist brisket, and a pork rib. Oh, and some diet coke. That's right, no vegetables. Our eating adventures were ruined by this couple sitting next to us. The woman was complaining about how the food wasn't done right and how the meat was too fatty and not cooked enough. I was ready to reach across the table and smack her.

The drive time back went remarkably fast, even with the weather. It snowed last night in Brooklyn and it rained all the way back and I still made it in just under 4.5 hours.

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