Friday, January 26, 2007


  • was finally able to switch over to blogger beta, new blogger, whatever you want to call it and add tags!

  • am still in the process of tagging all my posts, most recent ones being tagged first. I've got 2 years worth of babblings. Major categories (Beaded Flowers, Knitting, Fiber) are there

  • got me some Moo cards. I've liked this idea as a personal calling card after seeing Amber's set. There are beady things on them which will come in handy for teaching!

  • Managed to pick up stitches on the second Monkey sock. I knit 2 rounds tonight and that was about as much as I could do:


    But in the mean time, I have lots of beady and fibery things to keep busy with.

  • Continuing to spin and fondle the suri alpaca/mohair blend.

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