Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One monkey



I still need to weave in the ends but otherwise, I've got a sock. My foot is really warm! I still marvel at the wonders of knitting a sock! Tomorrow, I start on the other sock. Then, after that I'll be starting on the Flower Meadow Shrug. I bought the pattern and yarn from Lisa Souza at Stitches East. Not only am I trying to be a good girl in terms of fiber and bead buying, I'm trying to stay monogamous to my knitting projects! And somewhere in here, I'll finish up the Flaming Moth because I got my yarn from Lisa Souza! Still waiting on the Sock! yarn part of the order.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! :) Great job! That was fast!

bethc said...

I'll look forward to seeing the second sock in progress tonight!

Anonymous said...

Monkey looks great!