Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Non Knitting activities....day 1

I can't believe I'm watching horrible American Idol auditions while I wait for House.

I've decided that since I really shouldn't be knitting or making flowers or spinning, I'm going to try to do knitting and beading related stuff that involves as little knitting as possible. Some items on my to do list:

  • Chart out the Flower Meadow Shrug since I was having such difficulty with the written directions. - Done. I did this at lunch.

  • Top down raglan calculator - As a good little software developer with bosses who believe in being lazy...cuz it makes for a better developer...I looked first to see if something like that already exists. Well, it does. Please see link below and I will be adding to the side bar as well, so... - Done

  • Get the Simple Knitted Bodice pattern, start swatching with Silky Tweed and alter the pattern. The pattern calls for worsted weight and I think the Silky Tweed is using DK.

  • Write out the Phalaenopsis Orchid pattern

  • I'm going to attempt to do quick tutorials for Sweet Life Knitters on chart reading, reading your stitches and fixing some simple mistakes

I think I need to add to this list. I want to avoid major knitting and beading until Monday. Though, I will attempt some more jewelry and see how my hand feels about that.

Custom Knitting Graph Paper - plug in your gauge, go, and print! It's simple and quick

General sweater generators - Yeah, I'm so not reinventing the wheel.


The Mighty Oracle said...

Oh Judy Girl, these links are really, really useful. But I sure hope your broken wings start to feel better soon.

bethc said...

Hope a little break does the trick! Thanks for the links, they look great.