Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Take a break so I talk about my beading

So...type type type type type. It's okay. Beading? No. Knitting? No. I just shouldn't do any gripping.

I worked on some cabochons tonight but my hands started to hurt. Just that gripping motion. I am a little upset about the cabs that I had bought at the last gem and jewelry show can't be found and I don't remember what I've done with them.

To answer questions on whether I sell my jewelry or not, presently no, but I hope to. Or even that I need to so people stop nagging me! :-) No, but really, I'd like to.

I spent a lot of last year occupied with the fiber. There was definitely a lot of fiber obsession. This year began with a need to bead. I think I was away from the beads too long. I'd like to design more patterns for flowers. I'd like to create more necklaces, at the very least for myself because I'm tired of looking at the same ones. After a year of talking about getting my beady wares out there, I will definitely try to do this year. That red cab necklace from few days back, that will be on the market before the end of the year, yes I know it's only January. I've got another one in the works that's a darker more muted color. I really don't think I wear that particular shade of dark. I tend to stick with the dark blacks and greys. I may start listing them over on the designs site, but throw a few items out onto Etsy. Some flowers in my house as well may go on Etsy.

But for me, this is a big step, putting myself out there. One thing is just to not be afraid to say, "Yes, I made this and yes I sell these, take a look." Another is being a little nervous when I place a certain value on a piece and the reaction is, "That much?!?" One last hurdle is the whole creative process for me. I would say that part of this leans more towards art than craft. I do this for my own enjoyment and I do what I do according whichever muse is inspiring me. I can't crank out pieces one after another. Every stone is different, inspiring something just a little bit different. Look at that red cab. Compare this and this. I had honestly intended to create a second near identical one. But the muses were telling me different. And right now, I also have some physical limitations preventing that. I'd love to be able to consistently bring out pieces, but sometimes, you just need that inspiration, or the swift kick in the ass, to get a move on and do it. So I guess we'll see how it goes.

I'll end this post by saying: If those of you reading don't see more than one piece of jewelry be listed somewhere (anywhere) by the end of March, feel free to really yell at me then.


Svetlana said...

Can I buy one of those necklaces that you are tired of looking at? Pleeeezzzz?
I hope you start feeling better, girl.

Patricia said...

Don't you dare underprice your stuff!