Monday, January 01, 2007

Spinning into the new year

Literally. See:


I was playing catch up with Spinny. The fiber itself has all the different colors and for a while, the thread being spun up was mostly yellow. It's really kind of amazing how you can anticipate the final outcome, and at the same time, not. I'm thinking of making a scarf out of Victorian Lace Today with the spun up stuff.

So happy new year everyone! It's been a long year and my head is still spinning. Yes, there are a lot of things spinning in this house. For a long time, I was very unsettled. It didn't help that I was moving every 2-3 years. But I think I have finally settled down long enough in one place to be comfortable. It's a nice feeling. I'll have a goals post coming up here in the next couple of days. It's like New Year's resolutions.

My trip to Florida was awesome. We saw a couple of really fluky goals (in our favor). One of them was when we were on a line change and were just dumping the puck into the Maine zone. Bishop (Maine goalie) was out of the net so it was WIDE OPEN, and the puck hit the boards, and bounced into the net and bounced out again. We were all screaming but I at least wasn't quite sure if that was a goal or what. The Cornell guy standing closest to the puck wasn't sure either cuz the puck had bounced out of the net towards him and he was looking around unsure of what he should be doing. And then we all realized that the ref had called it a goal and we all started celebrating. But we did lose to Maine in the end. I got to meet some more of the online posters and caught up with some old friends. I spent a good 48 hours either drinking, or recovering from the drinking. And now it's Jan 1st and I must go back to the very disciplined going to the gym today.

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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. You can anticipate the outcome of your spinning just from looking at the roving? Oy vey . . . am I lagging behind.