Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Weekend, Taxes, being kept up later than I wanted

So, the weekend was fun. I got stuff done like:

Green Cabochon Necklace
which has a pretty long strap and the stone actually falls below my chest. But that is apparently because I don't have a thick neck. I also achieved my goal of putting the sleeves onto holders and joining the front and back of the top down raglan:
Top down raglan

Other pictures from the farm can be found: here. Check out the pictures of Amber in the small cottage. It is REALLY small. The only complaint I had about the farm was all the lady bugs. There were so many of them!

So, we arrived late Friday night. From the highways to the country roads, to dirt roads. For a while on the last stretch, there was this truck following us. I started getting a little paranoid for a while there because of Mighty Oracle and Spousal Unit's talk of the mental institution and the now closed state prison in the area. But the truck turned off and we were safe. Otherwise, it was a very relaxing weekend spent crafting and eating and in the company of friends. I'm not big into nature so I think that was about as much nature as I could take. Monday's drive back included a stop at Cestari farms where I bought more yarn, and lunch in Staunton, VA where Amber and Anne and I went antiquing which was quite fun. We didn't get back til late. I had wanted to avoid DC rush hour and we did!

I didn't get to spin as much as I'd wanted to. I have the sleeves sewn onto the the back of the Flower Meadow Shrug. I still need to finish the lacework for the body edgin and attach that. I may try to do that this weekend since I really prefer to do some seaming when there's daylight out.

As of tonight, my taxes are done and filed, both state and federal. I got about 10 rows knitted at the homeowner's association meeting which was about as exciting as I had expected. My pictures are in flickr and the blog has been updated. That's about all I wanted to do tonight!


knitfriendly said...

I love the pics you took of Braidy. Esp. the one with her running down the hill. Congrats on the waist shaping! You are going to be done in no time!

crymson said...

I love the cab. The colors are awesome!

Svetlana said...

Sounds like a great and productive weekend and another beautiful piece of jewelry.