Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another year, another birthday...

And another marathon of hockey games. Yup, it's regionals time. Sorry if I'm only half paying attention while looking at the score updates coming to my phone. I had a short day at work yesterday, a visit to the doctor's for a physical and a slip for a blood panel (cholesterol check) which I couldn't use that day cuz I've had way too much cake. The week started off with the Tomato Soup Cake which was really good. I also want a piOne of my coworkers made me a Tres Leches cake which reminds me of tiramisu and it's REALLY good. Then it of was off to Bead Obsessions for a carrot cake made by Patricia which was the most moist carrot cake I've ever eaten. I hope there's more left when I'm back for the afternoon tomorrow :-)

I got a Dale of Norway kit for the Lake Placid sweater. I was debating swatching for the sweater last night, but was kinda brain dead with the cake and the wine and all the hockey on tv. I also got more fiber with which to spin with. It was a sampler pack from Spunky Eclectic. And a Bead Obsessions gift certificate. Cake and fiber...happy girl.

And now back to hocky. Still games to be watched. Teams I'm cheering for are not doing well. Of course, my team isn't even playing. And I'm so glad I can knit stitches without looking and that I'm doing miles of stockinette...let's me actually watch the game!

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