Monday, March 12, 2007

Taxes! and quick blabberings


I love taxes and I hate taxes. As my taxes get more complicated, I get more annoyed at doing them. So while I had wanted to blog about my weekend in the country, I spent most of the evening doing my federal taxes and now I'm brain dead. But, at least I've gotten somewhere. I tried the efile trials at H&R Block and double checked it against numbers I crunched and it looks about right. They actually picked up stuff that I had forgotten. Normally, I manually do my taxes, but this year came the addition of classes at Bead Obsessions and bizarro self employment taxes. Ya...that was fun. But I need a night to recover and then I think I can send them in. Can anyone recommend me a good tax accountant for next year? Following that, a good financial planner?

My plan is kaput

Oh crap, I just remembered that tomorrow evening will be spent sitting in the annual homeowner's association meeting. This is like 3 hours of my life down the drain and only 3 because in the past, the building caretakers kicked us out at 10pm. These things can take forever and nothing ever gets done. Actually, I'm wrong. I'm the only one who gets things done because I sit and knit. Tomorrow night, I'll be working on the top down raglan


Was very relaxing. Hopefully, I won't be so brain dead that I can put some pictures up. I did manage to pull out the sleeve stitches and joined the body front and back. I've tried it on and it fits quite well.


I've been toying with this idea and I think I will go ahead with it. All pieces that I'm willing to part with will be previewed on the blog for 2 days. Then if it's still available, it goes to etsy. I did finish another piece but I need to wear it out first. Part of the pictures I need to post tomorrow. It's green. With fringe.


bethc said...

We have found the whole self-employment thing to be a total bummer come tax time... glad you got through, may the meeting go as well...

spousal unit said...

I am gong to give the Mighty Orocle two business cards for you. Our taxes are just at the point where they are a little too complicated for us. So we use an account down in Old Town (not far from the bead store) who we like and have used for years. Her name is Roberta Krais and she is at McKinnon & Vadnais, Inc. 1216 Prince Street. Our financial guy is with Ameriprise, his name is Steve Folgeman and he is on Warwick Ave in Fairfax. We like them and offer them for your consideration. By the way, if you mention our name I think we get a toaster oven!! What really happened at the farm??? MO has put up the pictures on the computer but hasn't blogged yet. I will prod her shortly about her slakking off like this.

Svetlana said...

OMG, I can't believe we're gonna have a chance to own one of your gorgeous creations! Where is the end of the line? Now I must check your blog DAILY.