Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Other obsessions

A couple of years ago, I started the Charlotte's Web shawl from Koigu. I got to somewhere in the middle and stopped because this was early in my lace knitting experience and I had done something wrong on a row and now I have to tink back and I don't remember where I had to tink back to. Recently, I've been itching to get my hands on this shawl again and work on it. So this morning, while I logged in from home I pulled it out and started tinking back. Then, I realized that I had a life line and I might as well rip back to the life line since I knew that I was good up to the life line. Well, as I started picking up stitches, I looked at the balls of yarn in my bag and realized that I had enough yarn to start over...again. I think I might just do that. The other reason for me to do that was that I had started this on size 6 bamboo needles which, as I looked at it were actually 6.25mm needles and not the 6mm needles the pattern calls for. I can't stand those needles. The join is not smooth at all and was another reason why when I had knit this the first time, I'd pick it up and put it down soon after wards. If I have enough yarn, I might as well switch to the Knit Picks needles and start over. I'm not sure if I have Addis in 6 and if I did, I'm not sure where they are.

This would be another pairing:
Charlotte's web



knitfriendly said...

Again - I tried to click on those boxes. :) I think that needles have a LOT to do with our willingness to continue with a project. If you hate the needles, you will eventually hate the project. I think this is why my Green Gable is in the UFO pile in my closet.

Svetlana said...

Oh yes, finish the Tubey, I like that project. Until recently I didn't know what Green Cable was. It's so interesting that here in US all projects have names, now I'm getting to know many of them. I'm planning to make Orangina. Isn't it cool that you all know what item I'm talking about?