Friday, March 23, 2007

Some eye candy

I thought I'd share with everyone a couple of pieces of eye candy:



These were made by my coworker Svitlana. She recently had a baby and is home on maternity leave. She'd always liked jewelry and after Bead Obsessions opened, I had gotten her interested in making her own. Some people call me her dealer/pusher. But she does beautiful work too. I'm sure her husband thinks of me as "That evil person who got his wife hooked on this hobby." It's actually amazing that the amethyst sage one looks so blue. I had seen the stone on its own and it looked quite purple. So, hope you all enjoy the pictures!


beadexplorer said...

These are verry nice and neatly done. I prefer the blue one because the chain matches sooo well. And maybe because I have weakness for light blue. ;)

Nina said...

I am drooling...absolutely stunning

Patricia said...

Yay Svetlana! Fabulous job. Thanks for sharing, Judy!

The Mighty Oracle said...

Wow, those are beautiful. And to think she does this with babies at home!