Monday, March 26, 2007


Recently (or, since Nov 2006), I've found myself with this slight obsession with tubular ndebele, otherwise known as the tubular herringbone stitch. What you produce is so simple, but pretty. All the instructions I had seen said to start it with the ladder stitch and after the okay from Patricia, I started. And then, like the Energizer bunny, I kept going and going and going. I've finished one strap and started another and I don't even have the stones set yet! I know which ones I plan on using, but this is the reverse of what I normally do! Usually, it's set the stone first, then see how it speaks to me and do the strap! So, we'll be seeing a couple of simple, basic necklaces coming in the future. I had to get the stitching in before I went to sleep and it's quite late for me on a Monday night!


And no, neither of the tubular ndebele straps will be attached to the stone in the picture.

In other news, I've begun ripping up the carpet in my basement. This is in preparation for the recarpetting job. They'll be putting down a tack strip with a layer of padding and carpet. No more of this glueing the carpet down crap. My goal is to have a lounging area in the house where I can keep it cold so I can knit my wooly stuff this summer.


Nina said...

I think the hardware stores make a product to get carpet glues off of floors. You might consider checking it out if there's a lot of residue/padding still stuck to the floor.

beadexplorer said...

Tubular herringbone is fun!