Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Home Depot

I walked in to buy some light bulbs. I wandered over to flooring to see what they had to offer for carpeting since I wanted to redo the carpeting in my basement that was ruined from the flood. I found out some interesting things. Many of the vinyl tiles used in the late 70s contain asbestos. Lovely. For the Home Depot installers to install carpeting, I'll probably have to remove the edge row of tiles. They'd nail a tack strip to the basement floor and then put down adding and carpet. So it turns out that even in the basement, one should have a pad under the carpet. And the woman kinda went "What?" when I told her the carpet was glued down. She was also in shock when I told her about the matching vinyl tiles that were glued down to the hardwood floors. So I have an appointment with the installers to get a measurement done of the basement and get an estimate. I happened to walk in on the last day of the free measurements promo. Whoo!

I also made an appointment with a doctor. It was this afternoon. He walked in and my first thought was, "Oh my god! Cute doctor!" Cute doctor told me that I don't have strep or pneumonia and that it looked like it was just a viral cold and those can last for a while. If I didn't feel any better or got worse, I'm supposed to go back to see him cuz it might be mono. Now, does he mean him specifically, or just a doctor? ;-)

I filed my taxes last night! Whee! Federal forms accepted this morning. VA forms accepted this afternoon.

It turned out I had LOTS of light bulbs...


knitfriendly said...

Yeah for the free estimate!! Great job getting that started. :) I hope that cute doctor is wrong about mono. That is serious stuff..

Just filed my taxes tonight! :) Also, I joined Lifetime fitness and temporarily changed my work schedule to 8-430 to see if I have enough time to go to the gym in the morning. I am taking a class tomorrow at 6am. Wish me luck!

bethc said...

Sorry you're feeling poorly... but at least the doc was cute, and I am sure you should go back to him :)