Saturday, February 03, 2007


On my way up to Ithaca yesterday, I stopped at:
The Mannings.

It was really awesome. I managed to stop myself from buying yarn since I didn't really have anything in mind other than a top down raglan and I wanted to wait on that. So, pictures are over here.

So, all Thursday night and Friday morning, there was talk about horrible traffic and ice and bad weather...down in the DC metro area. I don't know what they're talking about. I didn't see any bad weather on the Beltway or up 270. In fact, the flurries only started when I got up to Binghamton and the snow really started AFTER I arrived in Ithaca!. This is what winter is supposed to look like:

It turns out that I'm also staying that the same hotel as the Clarkson team...I'd like to go to the gym now and I hope that they're not all down there too. We did beat them last night 5 to 1 and Lynah...after the renovations is interesting. Everything seems to have gotten louder. It's supposed to keep snowing here, though right now, it's sunny outside and the sun is reflecting off all the snow. I'll have some pictures of the game tonight. Today involves some brunch and dinner with friends, a trip to Wegman's (the second of the weekend), and also the second trip of the weekend ot the LYS, Knitting Etc. They carry a lot of the Schaefer hand dyed yarn produced right on the other hill over in Interlaken, NY. In a strangely odd twist that makes this yarn even more endearing to me, the coach of Cornell's men's hockey team is named Schafer.


Nina said...

Thanks for taking pictures, Judy. Isn't it interesting how their store looks very much like their booth at MS&W or Stitches?

The Mighty Oracle said...

OK -- I think we need to make a weekend trip to whatever town the Mannings are in! I mean . . . Dude! How did you resist completely maxing out your credit cards?