Wednesday, February 21, 2007

This weekend to Boston

I'll be spending this weekend in Boston, well, really Cambridge. It's Lynah East weekend where we play Harvard. Here's the wikipedia entry. For many years, there were no Harvard fans in the stands. Cornell fans attended and took over the place...hence, Lynah Rink in the east -> Lynah East! It's really a pity that Harvard has no fans because they're usually a decent team...until you hit the NCAA tournament and then they're a one and out team. So...this weekend:

  • Hockey game

  • Scorpion Bowl - which I've never had but am preparing myself for based on what I've heard

  • While hanging around at Harvard Square during the day, I think I shall have lunch and go see about hanging out at Woolcott and Co which appears to be the local yarn shop. I heard about this place on the It's a Purl, Man podcast. Side note on this podcast vs. Lime and Violet. This guy has the most mellow voice and something which would normally put you to sleep. As opposed to Lime and Violet who shriek and should keep you awake. But I have this weird ability to fall asleep listening to L&V while no sleeping problems with Purl Man.

  • See about going to Mike's Pastry which is this AMAZING Italian bakery in the North End. I used to buy $25 worth of cake for myself to bring back to school. Note that at that time, a slice of cakse was $2.50. and OMG!!!! THEY'LL SHIP ANYTHING FROM THE STORE!!!! A few years ago when I checked, shipping was about $50 for next day shipping but you know what, I haven't had this in a few years and it would SO BE WORTH IT!!!!!!!! But of course, I'm gonna try to bring some back with me this weekend

So that's my weekend.


2Skiens said...

I never thought of myself as mellow. Perhaps in my next episode I should start doing my impression of a spanish radio D.J..

Have a good time in running around Boston this weekend, I also highly recommend Windsor Button(downtown) & Mind's Eye (Porter) because they are both nearby if you use the red line on the T.

Svetlana said...

Sounds like a great plan. I miss Boston! And Fenway. And I love North End's bakeries too. Have fun!