Thursday, February 08, 2007

Drinking from the cup

This post is for the menfolk in Helena's household.

In 2003, Joe Nieuwendyk won the Stanley Cup with the New Jersey Devils. Each member of the winning team gets to spend a day with the Cup. Joe decided to bring the Cup to Ithaca and make it a fund raiser for one of his former teammates while at Cornell. The Cup's visit to Ithaca coincided with the annual alumni game. During the game, Joe stood with the Cup and took pictures with the line of fans that had come from all over the surrounding areas.

Usually, the post game celebration takes place at Dunbar's, a bar in Collegetown, owned by hockey fans and supporters. The place looks better in the dark, but when it's time to celebrate with the team, that is the place to be. Late into the night, the Cup made its appearance. More pictures were taken. At some point they started pouring beer into the cup and people started drinking out of it. Or really, two people would hold Stanley, and pour beer from him into an awaiting fan's mouth. By the time I got to meet Stanley, random half empty bottles of beer from the table were being emptied into the bowl. I have no idea what I was drinking. I came away thinking that the lip of the cup is a lot thicker than you would think, and I'm glad I didn't get my teeth knocked out.

You can read about this adventure of the Stanley Cup from the Hockey Hall of Fame journals.

Edit: Something I remembered from the Mighty Oracle's comment. Yeah, probably something with hockey trophies all being cup or bowl like. We do the same thing with the league trophy. It's a cup. It's smaller than Stanley and the one of the times the team won, they brought it to a bar in Albany and handed to the bartender and said, "Can you fill that with beer?" and they did!


The Mighty Oracle said...

Like I said last night, this could only happen with a hockey trophey. Imagine Tiger Woods bringing one of his green Masters jackets down to the local bar so fans could take turns taking off all their clothes, putting the jacket on and streaking down the street.

spousal unit said...

Judy you are a wild thing!! To drink from the Stanley Cup, it’s like taking a drink from the Holy Grail, only better! Plus if Dunbar’s is what I imagine it to be -- the fact that you even remember taking a drink is a testament to your stamina not to mention your strong stomach. You are a true dudet. Have you ever thought of doing some beading with a hockey theme? Or a sweater would also be nice. We need to take the M.O. to a hockey game in D.C. so she can see what the game is all about. It’s a sport I think you have to see in person. It’s totally different from what they have on T.V.