Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

And I spent a portion of it on the road. I do have pictures from Saturday, I'm just feeling lazy right now so they're not going to get uploaded.

I didn't make any yarn purchases while at the Mannings because I knew that I was waiting for Knitting Etc. The last time I was in Ithaca, I stood in that store admiring the Schaefer Anne yarn, and I hadn't been able to stop thinking about them. So this time, I went back and bought a couple of skeins of it. It is so pretty. It is a superwash wool and mohair blend and it is very soft.

Cornell lost to St. Lawrence last night but my friend did win the 50/50 raffle so she took us out for a drink and dessert and she still has her next stay in Ithaca covered.

Ithaca was COLD! I should've gotten the Ithaca is Cold t shirt while I was up there. I spent Saturday thinking about how nice it would be to live in Ithaca (again) because it's cold and I could make many many many wool sweaters in fair isle, or with a yoke neck, or some Dale of Norway sweaters, etc. And my friends were very amused. But I could knit myself sweaters and have many opportunities to wear them!

On the way back, I got a little lost around Harrisburg since I stopped on my way over to the Mannings on the way up and didn't remember exactly if I was supposed to pick up 15 from 83 or 81. I followed 81, got off at the 15 sign and realized that I've ended up on Harrisburg local roads and was supposed to have followed 83 to pick up 15. I ended up finding 83 and came down to DC by way of Baltimore and 95 instead of 270. I concluded this meant that I need to go up to Ithaca more often. But you know what, I really have a preference for the 95 -> 83 -> 81 route. I don't know why but I hate going up 270 to pick up 15 and 83.

I am knitting again. Not much, but I am able to. Oh, and I think I may have lost one of my dpns in Lynah.


knitfriendly said...

Yeah! You're back! :) I am looking forward to seeing your yarn acquisitions.

Patricia said...

We missed you yesterday, but I'm glad you had fun in the north. Can't wait to see your yarn.