Friday, February 23, 2007

Monkey off my back

Everyone periodically has a monkey on their back. Yeah, this was my monkey:

Monkey socks

Photo is courtesy of Amber. I was zooming along on these socks until the trip to New York when I knit and knit and knit and knit and knit. The continuous knitting on double pointed needles was NO GOOD and so I had to pause in the knitting. I had one and a half socks. After resting my hands for a couple of weeks, I picked up the needles and continued on like the tough cookie that I am. Well, after a row, my hands hurt again. My hands don't seem to agree with knitting in the round on tiny dpns. It because the monkey on my back that wouldn't go away. Then, I realized that I could very possibly switch over to 2 circular needles to continue on and finish the second sock. Why would circs be better than dpns? Well, for one, I wouldn't be contorting my left hand in various ways. When working with dpns, I can't knit continental. The needles and yarn and hands all get in the way of each other. So, I have to throw. But when I throw, my hands start to hurt, a lot. Switching to 2 circs, my hands wouldn't have to contort because stitches I'm not knitting sit on a flexible cable that can be moved easily out of the way.

So the Monkey is off my back. Details:

Yarn: Mama E's C*EYE*BER Fiber sock yarn in Poppy

Needles: Crystal Palace bamboo in size 2, switched to something grey and metal, also in size 2.

Pattern: Monkey from Cookie the great.

Next up, I've started working on Widdershins for some cabling fun. Yes I'm still throwing. Needles are too small for me to have enough control over tension to knit continental.

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knitfriendly said...

Your socks look great! Don't hurt your hands please. :) Have a great time on your trip!