Sunday, February 18, 2007

Thinking ahead

Once I finish Monkey and Flower Meadow Shrug, I will need a new project and a new sock project. The new project will be the top down raglan. The sock project...I'm looking at either Falling Leaves which Amber is also working on or Widdershins the cabled version. I will be using one of my Schaefer Anner purchases. Any thoughts?


Amber said...

I'm just about to finish falling leaves #2 (falling leaf #2?). Despite having taken me several months, I really like the pattern. It's quick and easy to memorize, and seems to work well with solids or varigated yarn.

The Mighty Oracle said...

I've never liked toe-up socks 'cause I hate the fit of the short-row heel. But the Widdershins socks look like they have a very interesting heel treatment . . . On the other hand, the pattern itself looks pretty conservative but you could always change that if you wanted. Or not.