Tuesday, February 06, 2007

An update on the Flaming Moth

There was a query tonight from Patricia about how the Flaming Moth was going. Well, I haven't touched it since I realized I didn't have enough yearn. This thing is huge and it had been a little warm to work on it since I was covered in something nearly the size of a lap blanket. Well, it got cold. I pulled it out tonight and finished off a row using the old yarn. Now I join in the new yarn for 2 rows and a final 3rd bind off row and then I can block. And I'll have my size 8 needles.

I am trying really hard right now to keep myself from buying wool to make a Dale of Norway sweater. There is a sweater I really like in one of the booklets I bought while at the Mannings that calls for Dale of Norway Daletta which is a fingering weight superwash wool. Now, when I think Dale of Norway wool, I wasn't exactly thinking superwash, so I have mixed feelings about this. Also, this fingering weight thing... I realize color work would make it thicker...but I was hoping for something that knit up a little faster. But this cold weather is making me want to knit some wool sweaters.

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