Monday, February 05, 2007

Scenes from Lynah

I've got the pictures from Lynah Rink here. The Saturday night game, they also honored the recently retired Joe Nieuwendyk right after the national anthems and the puck drop. We play both Canadian and American anthems. Nieuwendyk once played for us and went on to play in the NHL where he won the Stanley Cup 3 times. It is because of him that I had once gotten to drink out of the Stanley Cup. I don't know what I was drinking, but when you are offered the chance to drink out of the Cup, you don't ask questions, you just drink!

So we lost the game to St. Lawrence but it was a good time all around. Here are also some pictures of the Schaefer Anne sock yarn. Look at those yummy colors:


Finally, something that I've been working on:

Edit: To add the link to the wikipedia Stanley Cup entry.


The Mighty Oracle said...

I think you may have been speaking in tongues in that first paragraph, but I'm sure spousal unit will be thrilled to hear about the Stanley cup drinking event (unless he's already read your post, which is definitely possible). But the yarn is gorgeous and the necklace is BEYOND gorgeous . . .

spousal unit said...

You Got to drink from the Stanley Cup!?!?!!? I am not worthy to be in your presence!!! The M.O doesn't have a clue as it involves sports but I am VERY impressed. Next time I see you I want all the details. Even a Visigoth like me can see that the necklace is magnificent. Keep it up. Oh, by the way you guys LOST to St Lawrence?? Shame!!!