Monday, November 06, 2006

Time for beading

But first, something lacy:
I balled up the Ruby Lisa Souza mohair and cast on for Wing-o-the-Moth. I'm calling it the "Flaming Moth Shawl".
Tonight, instead of knitting or spinning, I stayed home and worked on beady things. First up is for class in December:
The only thing this flower is currently missing is the floss wrapped stem. And then the other thing:


Should I add fringe to the bottom of the cabochon? Or just a picot edge? Note that the cab hangs down pretty far. The bottom most beads falls within an inch of top of cleavage (to give you all a sense of the size of this). I'm giving this to my cousin, though I don't know if this is her style or not. I haven't seen her in much that is girly or feminine. The few times that I have, it's been in the fashion of a young child. Note that she's only 4 years younger than me. I still think she's barely 16.


Amber said...

I like the necklace as is - but then, I know your cousin even less well than you, so I suppose take it with a grain of salt.

knitfriendly said...

I love how your necklace turned out. The color is very beautiful. I would leave it as is because it is already pretty long. Even if your cousin has a more conservative style, she could wear it over a turtleneck and it would still look great. I am sure that she will appreciate the time you took to make it for her.

Anonymous said...

The necklace is gorgeous and I second Amber's opinion that it's just grand as is, sans fringe. But hey, that's me . . .

Patricia said...

Yay! beady pens!

The cab needs no fringe, but a picot might be nice. I think it looks great as is. What stone is that? Or is it glass?