Sunday, November 05, 2006

One more week

I got myself up to Baltimore this morning for the Joy of Finishing. I learned a couple of old things but most of what I had learned, I knew. However, it was good to be given very specific instructions and see what it looks like when you're seaming correctly. I also did pretty well at the Market today. I spent < $20. Don't ask me how much I had spent before today, though. I didn't leave until 1:30 since there was a Ravens game on and I wanted to avoid the pregame traffic.

So, I at least feel like I have an idea of what I"m doing for finishing. I almost feel like asking Amber if I could finish one of her many unfinished sweaters for her. But this week is going to be CRAZY and I've got too much stuff to do. I doubt I'll knit much on the plane. I'll be too tired! Before this week is through, I need get the little flower pot pens to Patricia for the shop class piece. Then, I need to make 3 more Swarvski pearl necklaces. And a blue cabochon necklace for my cousin. I must say though, I'm very uncertain if I should give it to her. On the one hand, she did want me to make her jewelry 2 years ago and I really don't know what else to get her. On the other hand, I don't know if this is her style and it could very well go up on the website and going to a more loved and appreciated home. I'll post a picture of this when I get a chance.

Bad day with the spinning wheel. Spinning wheel did not want to spin counterclockwise and I was unable to ply my yarn. Boo!

I'm thinking of knitting up knee highs with some Lisa Souza Sock! Yarn in Mars Quake. I love love LOVE that color way. The reds and oranges and the black. I think it's because I'm an Aries, taking after Aries (for the Greeks), also known as Mars to the Romans, the god of War. Aries are fiery and energetic and full of passion. Hey, I need a refill on my energy pills here! I think this would be toe up socks knit in all stockinette. I'd love to do some sort of lace pattern but I think the lace and the colors would cancel each other out. That would suck. If I do this, I would need to order another skein.

I started balling up the Ruby red Lisa Souza mohair for Wing-o-the-Moth. It looks like it may not be lace weight mohair so I'm thinking that one just needs 900-1000 yards to make this, and if it's a bigger gauge, I'll end up with a bigger shawl. I would prefer to go bigger in size than smaller so it will work.

Well, time to go work on flower pot things.

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Amber said...

Don't worry, I'm sure I'll have an unseamed sweater when you get back. But if you do want to practice some seams before you leave, just let me know. Maybe just the top half of RibbiCardi, so you don't forget anything right away. :-P