Friday, November 10, 2006

I've spent way too much money - Stitches East 2006 part 2

Photos courtesy of Amber.
I returned to Stitches last Saturday for a Fair Isle class. In the morning, I got down to business and bought lots of laceweight yarn and stuff with which to knit lace.

snowShawlThe Snow Shawl kit from Yarn Barn of Kansas. I saw this the first night and couldn't stop thinking about it. That's white mohair
SkaSkaLaceweight from Skaska Designs. They sell some really amazing laceweight yarn along with some exotic fibers. They also specialize in Orenberg patterns
SilkyTweedSilky Tweed. mmm. I'm thinking of making Simple Knitted Bodice with this. The darker will be the main body and the lighter for the lace portion. I saw a knitted up sample of the SKB and I didn't really like it with the beads. You all know I love beads, but I thought in this case, the Tilly Tomas yarn with the beads, it overtook the lace design.
MoreLaceweightI can get a lot of lace shawls out of this one!
LisaSouzaRedsThe large fuzzy blob is mohair that I'm using for the Flaming Moth. The smaller skein is sock yarn in the Mars Quake colorway. I love that color way with the reds and blacks. Does it help that I'm an Aries?
GlowInTheDarkThis yarn glows in the dark. How awesome is that?
ballOfAlpacaBall of Alpaca for me to spin. whee!

So, that was it. I'd wanted to get this out before I left and really started digging into some of this.

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