Sunday, November 12, 2006


Who knew that blogger would display everything in Chinese. Okay, well, I guess I should've known since the same thing happens with just about every website that's international. But it's still a little weird.
16 hours on a plane, I didn't know that existed. I have some pictures, but I need to get at a computer that reads my memory card so it may not be until I get to Shanghai at dad's place or Manila. I've started the whatever high socks. The toe up experience is not so bad. Also, I was impressed that I was able to look up this website on my phone to take down the rest of the toe up socks instructions.

So, I didn't sleep much Friday night. 20 minute naps here or there. I think I've managed to adjust over the jetlag pretty easily even if I did go to sleep at 3 in the morning (local time). JFK wasn't all that exciting but I LOVE the Hong Kong airport. It is reputed to have the best shopping of all the airports (though I can't afford anything, even without all the yarn/beads expenditures), but even better? Their food court serves bowls of noodles in soup...the Asian kinda...that's just oh so nice after a long plane ride. And basically other Chinese fare for cheap. It would've been a nice time to have been able to say "Dad, I need money" but no dad, so I charged my food since I have no idea what currency I'm supposed to be using in the Hong Kong airport. Hong Kong currency for one, but I'm not sure if they accept others.
Arrived at my grandmother's and she's cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Walk in the door, here eat some cakey snacks. But I ate in Hong Kong. Well, here eat some cakey snacks. Okay, so does anyone still have any questions why I eat?
I am so glad I brought some workout clothes, so at the very latest, I can go work out in Manila before reporting for work on Monday. I did promise the team that so they can start feeding me as well.
I had expected only to see 2 cousins, both younger than me. But it turns out that my other cousin who is currently serving his mandatory military service is home for the weekend so I got to see him. Then I was informed that my other cousin on my father's side that I haven't seen in 10 years is actually here on business as well. So wow, al the cousins in one visit.
Food is smelling really good in the kitchen and grandma hasn't noticed that I've stopped eating...yet.
Also, the Anna Socks are almost done! I hope to finish them up today. I'm also amazed at sock yarn that's hand dyed. I started in on the Puck's Mischief and the coloring of the sock was not what I had expected when I looked at the skein, not that it's a bad thing. Though I'mthinking now, maybe I should just leave them all skeined up to look at!


Patricia said...

I'm glad to know you've arrived safely! We'll miss you tomorrow spinning (and knitting?) at my place, but we'll thinking of you and your adventures in shopping.

Post often!

Anonymous said...

Yippee, Judy -- you made it one piece! I hope you get some sleep (at whatever time the spirit moves you), get to eat all kinds of homemade goodies and have more fun than you can stand.

We miss you tons!

Anonymous said...

Judy. Glad you made it in one piece and everything went smoothly for you. enjoy your visit with the family and take lots of pictures. I will try and keep the mighty oracle from "spinning" out of control. That may be beyond even my abilities. Have fun.

knitfriendly said...

Yeah! I am glad that you made it without any problems. You are making me so hungry writing about the noodles in the airport, your grandmother's cooking, etc. Eat lots and enjoy all of your family! We are missing you on this end of the world. ~Amber
PS - I think I may have had my spinning epiphany this weekend. I made yarn that wasn't incredibly thick and thin....just a little thick and thin. :) I look forward to your next update!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you have arrived, and grandma is doing the grandma thing! Can't wait to see photos.