Friday, May 18, 2007


I'm sure you've all noticed that there hasn't been much here in the ways of beady things. Yeah, I've been distracted with the yarn and the fiber. There has been a flower in the works but I'll wait til I've finished with that to post a picture. I haven't done much with cabochons and jewelry though. I've been unmotivated and uninspired for a while with what to do. I've had a couple that had been set, but... my creative process, I set the stone first and create the necklace as it speaks to me. Sometimes we reach an impasse where the cab stops talking. That's where I've been for a while. Well...

Svitlana's back at the office. She's been home on maternity leave for a few months. In case anyone needs a memory refresher, she made these beauties. This week was her first week back so we've been showing each other our finished pieces from the last couple of months. The amethyst sage in one of the pictures, it looks blue but it was the picture. In real life, it is still purple, a very beautiful purple. So, Svitlana's back and so is the motivation, and inspiration...and that nagging voice that keeps asking me where the next pretty stone and necklace is :) So, I present to you a stone that has begun speaking to me again. I had started this stone back at the farm. I had intended it as perhaps a shawl pin, but the size just seemed a little big. So the stone sat and sat. I brought it to work with me for show and tell and also found Jamie Eakin Cloud's website and inspiration struck! Jamie Eakin Cloud is the author of Beading with Cabochons: Simple Techniques for Beautiful Jewelry the book I originally learned to set the cabochons from.

Beady thing - work in progressBeady thing - work in progress
Beady thing - work in progressBeady thing - work in progress

I questioned whether or not I should add another layer of fringe to this, but when I did add it on, the fringe seemed to overpower the stone, so, just one layer.

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