Tuesday, May 01, 2007

A bike! A bike!

I got a bike!

'06 Trek 1500

After all the talk about getting one, I finally got one! It's an '06 Trek 1500 and was on sale, as they're making room for the '07 models. It rides really nicely. It actually was even smoother feeling than the two '07 models I tested out this weekend. So, Friday after work, I'm taking this baby out on the Mt. Vernon trail.


Olgajazzy said...

As for the MSWF you are not the only one! I am bringing my knitting as well so it will keep me busy, but i guess one year of frantic stashing taught me enough, presently, i have not much left, only yarn for specific projects and i had a change of heart with variageted yarns now.
Best, Olga
PS. my email is jasmine.oleary@gmail.com

knitfriendly said...

Yeah! Yippee! Congrats! Finally! Did you buy a helmet? You are not allowed to ride unless you did (my orders.)

bethc said...

Have fun... but don't ride too hard so you can walk all over MDSW the next day!