Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busy weekend!

  • I discovered that why yes, you can sand the rust off of the iron railings, slap on some primer, and then a coat of paint!

  • The Buffalo Sabres are really sucking. Their OT game on Saturday looked like they were playing to not lose.

  • I finished that green top! I wanted to finish it for Sunday when I got to spend the day with the Dugger/Murphy clan. I need to wash it again and let it dry properly. The cotton stretched. Pictures to come later.

  • After I finished the green top, I still wanted to knit so I even finished the top down raglan! I picked up the stitches on the neck and dropped down 2 needle sizes and knit a few rows and bound off. That really pulled the neckline in. The sweater itself is really comfortable! Again, pictures to come. They're all on Amber's camera.

  • Spent Sunday wandering through Virginia with the Dugger/Murphy clan. It was a lovely day. I was very tired and passed out almost immediately upon reaching home.

Then, Monday doesn't count as the weekend but I did go bike riding again. Rode from Rosslyn to Old Town Alexandria with a coworker who's been after me to get a bike. I was not allowed to laugh at him and I was supposed to call 911 if anything happened to him. I did not get to laugh at him and I did not have to call 911. I don't know how I would've explained to my boss that I had to call 911 on him. It's funny though. Running, you get that immediate pain feeling. Biking, the pain doesn't set in for a while. I like that post exercise pain.

I also worked on some more flowers.

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knitfriendly said...

I am SO glad that you came with us on Sunday. :) I am very sorry about the pics....I plain forgot last night. I have a board reception tonight and I will do MY BEST to remember to upload the pics. To all who are waiting for the pics - her green top is GORGOUS! :)