Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Maryland Sheep & Wool

Okay, it's the requisite post after the sheep and wool festival. Since it was my first, I had heard many things, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. First, I did not find the deep fried twinkies. I'm upset :( I did want an angora bunny (a lot). I also got to look at sheep and pet an alpaca and hold an angora bunny. There was a lot more restraint on the spending than there had been at Stitches. Amber and I drove up Saturday morning to start shopping. We wandered around and we each fell in love with sweaters. I ended up buying the Mom's Lace Sweater kit with the black black yarn. I think I want some pewter buttons. Then, it will fit right in with my winter wardrobe of greys and blacks. I also picked up a basket. I like the basket. Svetlana and Anne met up with us Saturday night in Columbia. I was exhausted and wanted to go to sleep but I wanted to wait for them to get to the hotel so that we could do some show and tell.

Sunday started out bright and early with the Sheep to Shawl. We got there in time for the end of shearing and watched them start spinning. There was a lot of spinning and we ended up shopping since Svetlana and Anne hadn't done any shopping yet. Lunch time approached and we went to the car to get out blankets, camp chairs and food (thank you Svetlana!) and made our camp by the entrance. It was a relaxing afternoon. I spent most of it at camp alternating between napping and knitting. We were joined for a bit by Nina and Patricia also stopped by on her way out. Please note the new url to Patricia's blog. We finally left MDSW and went to a Starbucks to use a bathroom. I finally made it home, showered, ate, and crawled into bed. A good weekend!

Anyways, pictures are here. Pictures of what I actually bought, to come.

I'll probably also be documenting my fiber stash. Please see sidebar for my current spreadsheet of what I've got. I want to try to spin through a lot of it this summer.


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Great pictures. I absolutely love the one of Lynn with her purple.

It was a great time, wasn't it.