Tuesday, May 22, 2007


One goes through moods. I knit, I spin, I make beaded flowers, I make beaded jewelry. Depending on my moods, I focus on one. Well I really haven't been in a spinning mood. I think it's the fact of trying to spin down a 1 lb. ball of fiber and I think I'm doing it 3 ply and I've only got a bobbin and a half. So, that's the spinning. The knitting, I'm stuck in between projects and I haven't been inspired so I've been keeping busy on the grasshopper sock - the April kit from Socks That Rock. Flowers...well I did just get through some. I still need to take some pictures. And I guess I'm in more of a beady mood right now. I dunno. Maybe just more beady things in my future for now.

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