Monday, May 28, 2007

Hubba hubba!

I had shown Amber and Svetlana the new Joan McGowan Michael book Knitting Lingerie Style: More Than 30 Basic and Lingerie-Inspired Designs. They flipped through it, there was interest in some of the patterns. I mentioned the heavy use of Cascade Fixation with the cotton/elastic combo. They pointed me to elann's Esprit yarn. Of course, on the front page of was the LARA PINWHEEL SWEATER WITH CROCHETED EDGES and I drooled. Wow! I think I found my circle jacket! I also really like that crimson color!

On a somewhat hockey related side note, I have this superstition that whenever I wear red while Cornell is playing, we lose. Sometimes, I've noticed that when I wear the other team's colors, the other team loses. So...if I went with the crimson color, does that mean that Harvard loses?


Svetlana said...

I think you'll like Lara. I have white and one of the purples, haven't used it yet, but it is sooo pretty! Smooth and shiny, like silk.

knitfriendly said...

That is a really pretty circle jacket. :)