Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Memorial Day is gone and past and now we go for a big push at work and an even bigger push on the home front. Work...I won't get into. But on the home front:

  • finish up my Pinwheel Sweater. I'm now on the crochet edge of the first sleeve

  • spin up fiber to knit myself a shrug. the shrug must be in wearable form by August 2, 2008 to my friend's wedding.

  • I started knitting the nightie from Mason Dixon Knitting using some silk I had bought last year. Yes, it's a silk nightie. mmm, sexy. I admit, I hate wearing pants when I go to sleep but I do it when I travel with people. A nightie seems to be a good compromise here. And the silk...well I sure as hell am not going to be making a wool nightie cuz that just defeats the purpose. I also hate sleeping when it's too warm and wool wouldn't help that.

  • I've swatched and am also ready to cast on for Flying Fox in some Be Sweet Bamboo. yay!

  • oh, and lots of fun beading projects.

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The Lone Beader said...

Yay!!! Beading projects!! :D

Also, thanks for your comment! I used to play the viola at the jazz school. Believe it or not! :D