Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cyrstal necklace - refinished

I posted about two finished objects the other night. When I took the picture of the necklace, it looked a little tilted and I thought it was just me. After the photo session, I put it on. When I walked by a mirror, I realized that it wasn't me that was tilted. The necklace itself was tilted. Urgh! The middle 14mm rivoli was not centered under the 27mm rivoli. So of course, I had to take it apart and redo it so that the crystals were all centered. Now, this is better:

Refinished crystal necklace

Refinished crystal necklace - close up

Refinished crystal necklace - close up

I have a friend with a hobby in photography and I've been threatening to send him some flowers to photograph. I've always found beads to be difficult to photograph because you put too much light in and they're reflecting everywhere leaving everything out of focus and fuzzy. The picture showing the entire necklace is out of focus and it drives me nuts. Those crystals are pretty but damn, they're throwing me off.

How it sparkle. How it shines. - Rubyhorse

It's a strangely appropriate song to pop into my head since the NHL used this as their theme song...I believe it was the 2002 Stanley Cup playoffs. They had the cup all nicely polished up and silver. And now I'm watching the Stanley Cup and looking at this pretty sparkly thing. Wait. It may have been the 2003 playoffs. I think 2002 was Andrew WK's "Party Hard". Yes I remember my life by music.

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beadexplorer said...

I remember life by music, too ... :) Good that you could center the necklace. I hate it when I see an "error" in one of my pieces. When I look at it is always striking negatively and I am annoyed!