Monday, May 05, 2008

I finished some socks

These were the Caps playoff socks. I did two increases up the leg. What really bothers me about the increases is that I did the first one during one of the intermissions during Game 7. The Caps went on to lose that game. Boo! So when I walked out of Verizon Center, I had literally just finished the increase row, so I had to keep going! And I couldn't just do 1 increase so I had to do a second. And then I started running low on yarn so I finished it up. These will be good in the winter for some boots.

Twisted Rib socks - all finished!


knitfriendly said...

I like how one sock has a green stripe up the leg and the other is yellow. I want to see a pic of the yarn that you have left there any? Pretty socks. :)

Javajem said...

Awesome socks! It was so great seeing you at Sheep and Wool this weekend!!